• Earth Movements

    Earth Movements

    Before the start of any work, the preparation of the land is a fundamental task for its correct execution.

    At NEORAMA OBRAS we are specialists in excavations and earthworks, with the experience that many years of work in the sector give us and the execution of works for the main companies and institutions in Extremadura.

    • Excavations and Drilling
    • Massive Earthmoving.
    • Underground works, excavations and wells.
    • Excavation for lots and Industrial Warehouses.
    • Preparation and cleaning of land.
    • Demolitions
  • Civil work

    Civil work

    Basic for the development of our society is the execution of infrastructures on which the territory is later organized. The base of our cities is founded on civil works: streets, highways, bridges, highways, railways ..., are the foundation of today's world.

    From the protection of the environment and human, NEORAMA OBRAS offers a guarantee of success in any of these types of works.

    • Vials and tracks with concrete pavements.
    • Vials and tracks with Bituminous Mixes.
    • Construction of Roads and Highways.
    • Urbanizations.
    • Preparation and comprehensive cleaning of land.
    • Vial repair and maintenance.
  • Waterworks


    Our cities are based on thousands of kilometers of hydraulic works, whose well-being depends on the well-being of each of our homes.

    One of the specialties of our company are works of a hydraulic nature, execution of underground sanitation and supply networks, construction of irrigation canals, channeling of rivers and streams ..., works always carried out under the quality seal of NEORAMA WORKS and under absolute respect for our environment.

    • Wastewater Supply and Sanitation.
    • Channeling and defense of river banks.
    • Improvement of ditches and drains.
    • Urbanizations.
    • Channeling and Pipelines.
    • Drains.
  • Public work

    Public work

    As a complement to our main activities, NEORAMA OBRAS also offers a series of services that complement our work, aimed above all at the maintenance of the public works carried out and the conservation of infrastructures and leisure and recreational spaces in our region, to make of our world a better world to live.

    • Cleaning service, leveling and compaction of land.
    • Road and Highway Maintenance Service.
    • Maintenance of Hydraulic Infrastructure, river banks, aqueducts, sanitation ect ...
    • Maintenance of Urban Infrastructure, Parks, gardens, urban squares ect ...
    • Sealing of landfills, profiling and creation of slopes.